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Lighting Power Distribution

Starline Track and Series-S Track Busway systems offer flexible and reliable power access for changing higher education environments. Available in various sizes, they can supply power to lighting grids and data centers. With an open-access slot design and compression busbar connection, maintenance checks are minimized, and uptime is consistent.

Starline Track Busway – overhead power distribution system with a continuous access slot for connection plug-in units at any location.


Starline Track and Series-S Track Busway systems are perfect for higher education environments. They come in various sizes and can power lighting grids and data centers. Their unistrut housing structure eliminates the need for extra hanging structures. Maintenance checks are minimal with an open-access slot design and compression busbar connection. Track Busway is available in 40-60 amps and can be built to fit any grid configuration.


Regarding track lighting systems, Starline Track and Series-S Track Busway are great choices because they offer the flexibility to use any lighting fixture you prefer. This is a real advantage since it means that if you need to replace your lights down the road, you won’t be stuck with the same company you originally bought them from. Additionally, the Monopoint adapter makes lighting integration a breeze, allowing fixtures to be added or moved along the system with a simple twist-in connection. And best of all, the adapter is compatible with all J-type track lighting fixtures.


Whether you require high bay or low bay lighting, a specific kind of lighting fixture or not, you can be confident that Starline Track Busway is the most durable design on the market. The same design concepts are carried throughout our different busway systems—no matter what size—so the same dependable connection to power that’s used by many of the world’s top mission critical environments is also provided to overhead lighting applications.