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Retail Power Distribution

For electric power distribution in retail stores and facilities, no other systems install this easy and allow you to add, remove or relocate power this fast. With customized layouts and plug-in units of any kind, Starline power distribution systems put the power in your hands.

Starline Track Busway – overhead power distribution system with a continuous access slot for connection plug-in units at any location.


Starline Track and Series-S Track Busway provide a wide range of outlet boxes, drop cord units, and circuit breaker units that can power various displays, cash registers, and point-of-sale displays. They are excellent solutions for electronics stores and many other businesses. These systems are also ideal for grocery stores as they can power coolers, cash registers, freezers, heating units, point-of-sale displays, and more. Moreover, the busway has a continuous access slot for effortless power changes, making it extremely easy to modify displays or layouts.


Cost Savings

With Starline Track and Series-S Track Busway, it’s easy for in-store personnel to add or reconfigure display units without the need for expensive electricians. Additionally, unlike track lighting, these systems allow lighting and power to be connected in the same housing—eliminating the need for separate systems for power and lighting. They’re smart and efficient solutions for businesses looking to save time and money on their electrical needs.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Starline Track and Series-S Track Busway is a reliable power supply system that can be painted to match any décor. It’s perfect for businesses looking for a stylish and seamless solution.

Starline Plug-In Raceway – add, change, and reconfigure power receptacles and data ports along the raceway.


For those retail environments that do need to change displays regularly, Plug-In Raceway is an optimal power supply system as well. You are able to add or relocate plug-in modules anywhere along the raceway quickly and easily. Insulated copper bus bars are preinstalled in the raceway sections, and the pre-assembled plug-in modules simply snap into place on the raceway backplane, making an automatic connection to power wherever it is needed.

Cost Savings

With Starline Plug-In Raceway, installation is also quick and easy. Taking one third less time to install than other systems, the associated labor costs are much lower. In addition to lower initial labor costs, because the raceway is so flexible and reliable there is no need to call in an electrician- lowering the cost of future maintenance as well.

Aesthetically Appealing

In addition to metallic silver, black and white, Starline Plug-In Raceway is also available in custom colors. This means your power distribution system can perfectly match the brand colors of your organization or store- providing a sharp looking, discreet way to supply power.