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Because of the market’s need for energy efficiency, energy monitoring systems are more important than ever. Starline Critical Power Monitor (CPM) puts actionable data at your fingertips, allowing you to make purposeful decisions.

Starline Critical Power Monitor (CPM)


Starline CPM offers revenue grade metering functionality (ANSI 12.20 Class 0.5) to ensure that you can confidently take action based on the provided data. CPM is calibrated to support a wide range of circuit configurations and ratings.

Accessible Data

Starline CPM provides information when and where you need it. Locally, you can view data on the optional display. Remotely, many parameters may be read via the integrated webpage. Serial and Ethernet based communications operate simultaneously to support many third party energy management interfaces.


Starline CPM easily scales to support inevitable changes or expansions. Both serial and Ethernet communications may be daisy-chained to simplify wiring. Eliminating wired communication altogether is possible with the optional Wi-Fi (802.11n) version.