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Data Center/Mission Critical

Whether it be for enterprise, colocation, or pods, Starline offers the perfect power distribution and monitoring solutions for mission critical environments. Known for their reliability, flexibility and efficient design, all the Starline products have earned industry-leading roles.

Starline Track Busway – overhead power distribution system with a continuous access slot for connection plug-in units at any location.

Overhead, not Underfloor

Starline Track Busway is an overhead power distribution system, so there is no jungle of wires to obstruct air flow under the raised-floor- making Starline one of the most energy efficient systems you can buy. Another benefit to being overhead is that there is no need to call an electrician to do complicated wiring work when another server rack gets installed. Simply insert a plug-in unit into the busway anywhere along the continuous, open-access slot and drop power down wherever it’s needed.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Starline Track Busway has been proven to have a lower total cost of ownership than traditional underfloor power distribution methods. The low material cost is comparable to conduit and wire material costs, and is much lower priced than larger, conventional busway products. However, where the real cost savings comes in is by significantly decreasing installation and maintenance time and expenses. With Starline Track Busway, you can eliminate panel boards, long runs of conduit and wire, and expensive installation and maintenance costs.


Starline Track Busway gives you the power to very easily expand, reconfigure, or relocate operations. With rapid installation and a continuous access slot to power, Starline Plug-in Units can be added wherever power is needed and within a matter of minutes. As a result, you’ll never need to tie up valuable capital until expansions in the electrical distribution system are absolutely needed.

In addition, Starline Plug-in Units can be completely customized to your needs; including number and type of receptacles, circuit breakers, drop cords, power monitoring, etc.


Starline Track Busway plug-in units ensure uninterrupted power supply for data centers. These units use a compression-fit method and can be secured to minimize accidental power disruptions. The highly versatile Series-S busway can be customized and placed in any location, even in areas with additional water, such as sprinkler systems, as it has an IP54 and NEMA 3R rating.


Cabinet Busway Series – power option that can handle the high-density requirements of your server cabinets.


The Cabinet Busway Series was specifically developed to offer flexible power that can accommodate high density power requirements within server cabinets. The innovative design provides users with the flexibility to choose and use different types of receptacles on the Cabinet Busway system. If your power requirements change, you can easily reconfigure circuits, receptacles and wiring by snapping the pre-assembled modules into place on the backplane. 

Lower Costs

With Starline Plug-In Raceway, installation is quick and easy. Taking one third less time to install than other systems, the associated labor costs are much lower. In addition to lower initial labor costs, because the raceway is so flexible and reliable there is no need to call in an electrician- lowering the cost of future maintenance as well.


Plug-In Raceway has been tested to meet NEC and UL standards and has the ETL mark. Joints and plug-in units remain durable without requiring any maintenance; making it the perfect solution to supply power around the clock. The Cabinet Busway Series can provide up to 3-phase, 63 amp power through 480Vac. Optional metering functionality is also available for those interested in monitoring and improving their energy efficiency. 

Starline Critical Power Monitor (CPM) – a revenue-grade meter that provides real-time voltage, current, and power data with configurable alarms.

Accessible Data

Starline CPM provides information when and where you need it. Locally, you can view data on the optional display. Remotely, many parameters may be read via the integrated webpage. Both Facilities Management and Data Center Management will be satisfied with the information available through their BMS or DCIM solutions, since the serial and Ethernet based communications operate simultaneously.

Granular Energy Management

Starline CPM may be configured to support a wide range of data center requirements. At the busway end feed, Starline CPM simplifies phase load balancing and tracking the total load. Within Starline Plug-in Units, power and energy measurements are captured at the receptacle, giving data center managers the granularity of data necessary to make informed decisions.


Starline CPM easily scales to support inevitable changes or expansions. Having both serial and Ethernet communications protocols provides a technology bridge from legacy installations to future requirements. The Dual Ethernet option supports a daisy-chain topology that saves on network switch ports within the facility, and greatly simplifies wiring. Eliminating wired communication altogether is possible with the optional Wi-Fi (802.11n) version.