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Cultivation Power Distribution

Starline provides innovative methods of supplying power for environments that require lighting and power solutions, such as greenhouses and test labs.

Starline Track and Series-S Busway – overhead power distribution system with a continuous access slot for connection plug-in units at any location.


Starline Track and Series-S Busway. This system combines the flexibility of track lighting with the versatility of higher ampacity power distribution. With Starline, you can distribute power not only to high-powered light fixtures, but also to other electrical equipment like dehumidifiers, HEPA filters, fans, system controllers and more. And the best part is that everything is connected into the same track busway, making it easy to manage and control everything in your horticulture ecosystem.


In today’s competitive market, it’s crucial to be able to quickly and cost-effectively adapt to meet consumer demands. With Starline Track and Series-S Busway, you can easily add or relocate power at the exact point of use and expand capacity for new equipment without the need for expensive third-party providers. The customizable plug-in units can be tailored to meet your specific power requirements and monitoring needs, giving you the flexibility and speed you need to succeed.


Expanding and adapting to meet the market’s demands is essential for any business. Starline Track and Series-S Busway offer a solution that is both cost-effective and efficient. The plug-in units can be easily customized to meet any power requirements, and the installation process is much faster than conventional methods. This means less downtime and reduced labor costs, which can help your business grow. Starline’s higher ampacity capabilities also make it possible to distribute power to a variety of equipment, making it a reliable option for horticulture needs.

Starline Plug-In Raceway – add, change, and reconfigure power receptacles and data ports along the raceway.


Unlike traditional hardwired systems, Plug-in Raceway gives you the power to meet future changing facility needs by being able to easily expand, reconfigure, or relocate the system. This means if you would like to move or change the layout of a facility or need to expand to accommodate the latest technology, you may easily do so without having to worry about the location of electric outlets or the added cost of hiring outside electricians.


Plug-In Raceway was designed to be customized with a variety of receptacle and breaker configurations. The pre-assembled modules snap into place along the backplane wherever a connection to power is needed – allowing you to arrange your electrical outlets based on where you need your equipment to most efficiently run your operation.


Plug-In Raceway takes one third less time to install than other systems, reducing labor costs and downtime associated with extended installation schedules. In addition to lower initial labor costs, because the raceway is so flexible and reliable, there is no need to call in an electrician – lowering the cost of future maintenance as well.


Plug-In Raceway has been tested to meet NEC and UL standards and has the ETL mark. Raceway plug-in modules include a cover, plug head and latching arms that snap into place along the backplane- ensuring a solid, reliable connection to power when and where you need it.