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Critical Power Monitoring for Mission Critical Success

The M70 by Starline is a next-generation power monitoring device that helps you optimize the performance of your electrical infrastructure in mission-critical environments. Its advanced energy metering capabilities enable you to make informed decisions and take data-driven actions.

Access to revenue-grade power monitoring data is essential for informed and purpose-driven decision-making in data center environments. The M70 provides unmatched granularity, whether you need to monitor the power feed, branch-circuit level, or standalone enclosure.

The M70 is the most comprehensive power monitoring device, with end feed lug temperature monitoring, audible alarms, and a pivoting display for easy visual access. These features ensure peak performance of your electrical infrastructure, making the M70 an ideal choice for mission-critical environments.

Features and benefits

  • Redesigned LED and LCDs for real-time visual data reference

  • All communication protocols on board for easy DCIM and BMS deployment and configuration

  • Monitor up to 6 Outlets

  • Optional Wi-Fi

  • End Feed Lug Temperature Monitoring

  • Audible Alarms

  • Circuit Breaker Position Sensing

  • Measure circuits up to 1200 Amps

  • 96-528vac, 48vdc and 380vdc options

  • Password and Firmware Encryption for Enhanced Security