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Preventative Maintenance Plans and IR Scanning

While Starline busway is crafted for minimal maintenance, NETA ATS and MTS industry guidelines strongly advise annual inspections and health assessments for all critical equipment. Engaging in yearly preventative maintenance is crucial to uphold your system’s long-term reliability and safety standards.

Starline’s FLIR-certified technicians will create a custom preventative maintenance plan for your specific needs. Our Certified Technicians will work to:

  • Identify thermal anomalies
  • Extend equipment lifecycle
  • Ensure optimal system performance
  • Improve facility safety and operational sustainability

And you may be eligible to extend your warranty after completing your preventative maintenance plan.

  • Inspect and thermally scan all critical joints and connections
  • Component replacement
  • Detailed thermography report
  • Extend equipment lifecycle
  • Optimized system performance
  • Mitigates risk of downtime
  • Increased warranties on equipment