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Give Your Facility Managers an Edge with the Brand New, IP54-Rated Series – S Track Busway

Your facility managers often face tight, aggressive deadlines with limited time to complete projects and implement changes. This makes building/facility maintenance, renovations and future planning difficult – especially if they need to rely on outside contractors to make changes to their electrical system. In our world where facility managers are increasingly asked to do more with less, our Starline Track Busway has been the innovative, reliable solution that addresses their pain points. With innovative versatility and unparalleled reliability, this industry-leading electrical power distribution system has helped facility managers across multiple industries answer the challenge of limited floorspace head on. Wherever flexible power has been needed, from the data center to the manufacturing facility, Starline Track Busway has been there with the highest quality materials and design and unmatchable flexibility with customizable plug-in units – all backed by the best service and, since 2019, the global manufacturing capacity of Legrand DPC.

We’ve been listening to the needs of our customers and seen that the innovations that are changing the world around us are not limited to the inside of industrial facilities. And that is why we’re excited to unveil the next generation of our track busway solutions – the Starline Series – S Track Busway!

Meet the IP54-Rated Starline Series – S Track Busway

The newest addition to the Starline family of products, the Series – S Track Busway, combines the flexibility, performance and functionality of Starline Track Busways that facility managers have grown to love with the robust construction that they need in environments where elevated IP ratings are a must.

With its high level of protection against dust and water as well as the trademark versatility, the Starline Series – S Track Busway can bring power to equipment in areas that were previously off-limits to facility managers. This new series of busway products can now replace pipe & wire or busduct in locations where dust and water are present, safely distributing power for outdoor installations, harsh indoor environments and sanitary areas where water used for daily washdowns may cause splashes.

Some environments that will benefit from Series – S Track Busway installation include emerging applications such as electric vehicle charging installations and indoor cultivation as well as applications that require scalable and reconfigurable power distribution solutions like those pertaining to the automotive, general manufacturing and biomedical sectors.

Starline Series – S Track Busway’s protection level extends to its uniquely designed plug-in units, which are offered with a wide variety of watertight IEC- and NEMA-rated devices to meet any need. Other features include:

  • Available in 5- and 10-foot sections, custom lengths upon request
  • 100- to 1200amp systems, 4 pole, rated up to 600Vac or 600Vdc
  • UL, IEC and ETL certifications
  • Aluminum housing with corrosion-resistant coating
  • Splashproof and highly dust-resistant design with watertight IEC and NEMA device options


Gaining an Edge with the Series – S

In a previous post, we discussed the need to phase out inflexible power distribution systems and implement more scalable solutions such as track busway in order to grow and change with the needs of the facility. Starline’s Track Busway solutions improve efficiency and expense management for facility managers with reduced installation and reconfiguration time, reduced expenses and downtime, as well as the ability to future proof the facility to meet unknown future needs.

The newest Series – S builds on that with the robust and compliant performance for taking advantage of those benefits in both indoor and outdoor environments that are wet, have vapor present, require sprinkler systems, are dusty or may have debris. This makes them ideal for solving power distribution challenges that basically every facility manager will encounter.

The Series – S system’s plug-in units can be tapped instantly at any location, providing power at the point of use. Most importantly, facility managers and their teams can switch out plug-in units while the track busway is live, without cutting power to other machines powered by the busway. This effectively eliminates costly downtime caused by maintenance or electrical system changes.

In short, the Starline Series – S track busway makes life better for facility managers. It gives them not only the technical specifications they require, but the simplicity, flexibility and versatility they need to make quick, easy changes to accommodate shifting power loads in a wide range of environments. Our product represents simpler power distribution answers for the complex realities of many industrial and commercial operations.

For full details on the advantages of the Series – S Track Busway, download Legrand’s white paper here or contact a Legrand representative to learn more about using the Series – S Track Busway in your application.