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Benefits of Flexible Power for Retail

Flexible power, gives you power when, where and how you want it. It is available instantly, at any location, which makes it perfect for the retail industry.

Flexible Power for Day to Day Retail Operation

The retail industry needed a system that could power lighting and also provide power to equipment such as cash registers, coolers/ freezers and other necessary equipment for day to day operations. Unlike traditional lighting, the Starline Track Busway connects power and lighting in the same housing, which allows for this multi-power distribution to happen.

Power access in retail

Benefits of the Starline Track Busway

Reduced Store Construction Costs

  • Simple set up means installation is less expensive
  • Eliminates costly change orders and outside labor costs for electrical specialists and contractors
  • Lower cost of ownership

Faster Installation

  • Building projects are up and running faster
  • Add, remove or relocate power easily and quickly anywhere in the store with no downtime, and no extra costs

Flexible & Maintenance-Free

  • Faster and less costly remodeling
  • Plug-in units can be disconnected and connected without de-energizing the busway
  • Requires no routine maintenance


  • Less installation materials
  • Busway and outlets are reusable and relocatable

More Options

  • Scalable, reusable and customizable lengths, sizes and configurations to meet your unique specifications
  • Aesthetically appealing, available in standard and custom colors
  • Can work with any manufacturer’s lighting fixtures
  • Ability to quickly add or relocate seasonal displays

Flexible Wall-Mounted Power

Starline also designed the Starline Plug-In Raceway for retail environments such as convenience stores, fitness centers, point of sale registers and retail displays. These applications require the need to change displays regularly.

Wall-mounted electricity

Benefits of the Starline Plug-In Raceway

Reduced Installation Costs
Fast installation means labor costs are reduced
Eliminates costly changes after installations, due to its flexibility
Lower overall cost of ownership

Flexible and Scalable

  • The Starline raceway system can be easily expanded, relocated and reconfigured
  • Add additional raceway without having to run additional wiring
  • Add additional plug-in modules without the need for an electrician
  • Able to relocate from space to space, if needed
  • These unique features make Starline Plug-In Raceway one of today’s most “Green” electrical products


  • Raceway has similar technology as Starline Track Busway, which is the industry leader in mission critical applications
  • Tested to meet NEC, UL and IEC standards
  • ETL Listed

Aesthetically Appealing

  • Available in many finishes and colors
  • Compact, low profile design