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As Demand for Retail Colocation Grows, Starline Track Busway is the Ideal Solution To Meet Customers’ Diverse Needs

It’s a good time to be in the retail data center colocation market. Worldwide, it is forecasted to earn $27.5 billion by 2032, up from $8.6 billion in 2022 with a CAGR of 12.3% over that period, and it’s no wonder why.

Research shows demand for data centers is high and only growing with developments such as the explosion of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Research by CBRE finds vacancy at existing centers is declining, and construction is booming despite power supply constraints. Powering these facilities requires a solution that is reliable, flexible and scalable, and track busways are the perfect solution for the unique needs of retail colocation data centers and their clients, both current and future. 

Legrand’s Starline Track Busway has been the innovative, reliable solution data center managers needed to address their pain points. Wherever flexible power has been needed, Starline Track Busway has been there with the highest quality materials and design, as well as unmatchable flexibility with its customizable plug-in units. With the product’s innovative versatility and unparalleled reliability, this industry-leading electrical power distribution system has helped facility managers answer the challenge of limited floorspace head on. 

Easy Installation
Retail colocation facility managers are often under pressure from tight deadlines and have limited time to complete projects and implement changes. As a result, it makes maintenance, renovations and future planning difficult, especially if outside support is needed to make changes to the electrical system. Facility managers also may struggle to optimize the floor space while facing limitations from the building’s original electrical or HVAC systems. With flexible mounting options, track busways reduce installation time and labor, eliminating the need for numerous panels and long runs of pipe and wire. This facilitates quick modifications and reconfiguration of power access points despite space limitations.

Retail colocation facilities serve a diverse array of clients, who have different power needs and require individually tailored solutions to service their equipment. Track busways are the ideal way to deliver power in such an environment because they can be quickly and simply adapted to any client’s need. They provide not only the technical specifications colocation facilities require, but also the simplicity, flexibility and versatility needed to make quick, easy changes to accommodate shifting power loads. Of course, the amount of power each client uses will vary and must be tracked for billing purposes. Starline Critical Power Monitors simplify the process of charging customers thanks to their revenue-grade metering. They can be configured to provide data granularity all the way to the individual outlet level.

The Starline Track Busway system’s plug-in units can be tapped instantly at any location, providing power at the point of use. The system’s most unique feature includes a continuous access slot, meaning power can be tapped at any location. This flexibility makes it the ideal solution for data center facility managers who need to expand or change their layouts or those who would simply like to have these options available for the future. Most importantly, facility managers and their teammates can switch out plug-in units while the track busway is live, without cutting power to other machines powered by the busway. With section lengths manufactured to custom specifications and overhead, wall-mount and rack mounting options available, the Starline Track Busway can help retail colocation data centers avoid costly downtime caused by maintenance or electrical system changes. 

Traditional power distribution systems can be vulnerable to faults and disruptions, potentially racking up downtime and maintenance costs. Track busways are designed for reliability, with fewer components and connections that can fail. But it’s not just the power delivery that’s reliable. The best part about Legrand’s innovative Starline Track Busway is that customers are always backed by a reliable, supportive partner. Our track busway grows with you. We make it easy to add new sections to your existing grid so you can quickly deliver power to new areas. Essentially, we bring the power source to the machines instead of the other way around.

Unique Solution
Demand for retail colocation data centers is only increasing. As forward-thinking facility managers prepare for the needs of the future, the Starline Track Busway delivers a power distribution system that is adaptable, easily modifiable and scalable for whatever is required moving forward. And now, Legrand is supporting facility managers who need an even more robust busway solution. The new Starline Series-S version combines the performance, functionality, and flexibility of our proven Track Busway system with the added benefit of an IP54 ingress-protection rating. This allows users to place the system anywhere that additional water, dust or other contaminants exist. Most importantly, this protection level extends to our uniquely designed plug-in units, which are offered with a variety of watertight IEC- and NEMA-rated devices to meet any need. The way we see it, retail colocation facilities (and other types of data centers, too) are constantly evolving, and the ideal track busway solution should be one that is ready for virtually anything. 

For full details on the advantages of the Starline Track Busway and the new Series-S, download Legrand’s white paper here or contact a Legrand representative.