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Busway Reliability

Starline Track Busway’s design was created to meet critical infrastructure uptime requirements at every junction in the power chain. For over 30 years, we have supported critical infrastructure by offering best-in-class designs and maintenance features, with a focus on three critical areas where reliability is paramount: end feeds, joints, and plug-in units. See how our system are engineered differently.

End Feed Design

The first critical connection in any reliable busway system exists at the end feed, the point in which the installer connects the supplied power source to the busway. Starline’s integrated Critical Power Monitor and Infrared Window provide valuable insight into the integrity of those connections. By use of IR window technology, and lug temperature sensors, you can safely and efficiency scan or trend power and temperature data at the end feed. These features mitigate the dangers of live work, reduce planned downtime, and alert operators of faulty connections before a critical failure occurs.

IR Window

Lug temperature sensors

Busway + Joint Design

When compared to traditional RPP designs, overhead busway reduces the risk of human error, one of the leading causes of critical power outages. Unclearly labeled cables and circuit breakers are replaced with point of use access to power and circuit protection via busway plug-in units. Starline’s patented u-shape copper ensures a constant and 100% reliable connection anywhere throughout the busway run.

U-shape copper busbar

Busway straight section

Some busway joint systems require bolts, a common point of failure and ongoing maintenance, to make the connection between busway sections. Bolts can become loose over time, requiring retorquing and regular thermal scanning maintenance intervals.

Starline busway sections are joined with compression joints that require no bolted connections or future retorquing. This maintenance-free design reduces downtime and eliminates future planned thermal imaging. To reduce installation error the joints can only be inserted into the busway in one direction.

Additionally, Starline Track Busway is the only system available in sections up to 20 ft (6 m) long, reducing the number of required joints within the system layout, significantly reducing points of failure.

Compression joint design

Plug-In Unit Design

For some busway systems, plug-in unit installation requires moving parts or electrical grease to ensure a reliable busway electrical connection. Starline plug-in units utilize a robust ground first, reliable twist-in connection which eliminates the potential for power interruptions and failures caused by human error or complicated mechanical processes.

Additional plug-in unit features include IR Window technology which mitigates the need for live work and eliminates the expense of long maintenance downtime windows.

Twist-in connection

The design and maintenance features of each of these critical points in the power chain are paramount in delivering total system reliability. By utilizing a simple yet robust design and integrated power monitoring features, Starline mitigates the risk of downtime and offers enhanced reliability from power feed to plug-in unit.

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