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Innovative power distribution designed to meet rigorous demands

Are you in search of a power distribution solution that is reliable, flexible, and scalable? Then, you should definitely check out Starline’s Series-S Track Busway.

Starline Track Busway is a proven technology that has been successfully installed in thousands of facilities, powering applications for some of the largest and most well-known businesses in the world. You can trust that Series-S Track Busway will be a robust choice for your power distribution needs.

Series-S Track Busway

Our system has been installed in thousands of facilities and has powered applications for some of the world’s largest and most prominent businesses. With its proven technology, you can trust that Series-S Track Busway will be the robust choice for your needs.

View The Starline Series-S Track Busway Brochure.



It’s Time for an Upgrade to Power Distribution Systems

The Series-S Track Busway system is a flexible and reliable power distribution system that’s perfect for challenging environments. Its robustness and IP54 rating allow it to withstand exposure to water, dust, and other contaminants, making it ideal for plug-in units. It keeps your electrical devices safe and functional, even in the toughest situations.


Explore the benefits of Series-S Track Busway



IP54 Rating

The International Electrotechnical Commission developed ingress protection (IP) ratings to create standard definitions for electrical devices. IP54 Rating ensures that a product or component has been independently tested and certified to withstand water splashes from all directions with very limited ingress and protection from dust with minimal ingress. Critically, this level of protection must also apply to the track busway’s plug-in units. 


Visit our resources page to get an overview of all our available downloads, such as product selection guides, white papers, and technical documents. While there, download our Series-S Track Busway Brochure to learn more about the robust design, product features, and scalable solutions to power your facilities. Series-S Track Busway is the perfect solution for facility managers who need simplicity, flexibility, and versatility to accommodate shifting power loads. 


Check out the Series-S Brochure for more details.

Download our Series-S Track Busway Brochure to learn more about the robust design, product features, and scalable solutions to power your facilities.

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