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A Webinar Series Full of Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Busway

Welcome to Starline PowerTips Live!, a webinar series created to address some of the most asked technical questions by end users and specifying engineers for Starline Track Busway. 

During this series, our Starline engineers discussed relevant topics such as personalized layout design, safety and grounding, and how to specify overhead busway to overcome electrical challenges across numerous industries. We also explored how open channel busway can empower your organization.

These five session topics were:

• Session 1: Specifying Starline Track Busway 
• Session 2: Customized Layout Design and Polarization
• Session 3: Safety and Grounding Options
• Session 4: Mounting Options and Solutions
• Session 5: Space Optimization in Restrictive Environments

View these sessions below!

Session 5: Space Optimization in Restrictive Environments

Starline Track Busway is versatile and customized to the needs of different end users in industrial, retail, data center, and other critical environments where vertical clearance may be an issue.

Join our engineers as they discuss how Starline solutions are adaptable to challenging applications and still able to meet the necessary power demands in these restrictive environments.

Session 4: Mounting Options and Solutions

Starline Track Busway can be mounted in various ways to not only meet the unique facility design for different applications, but also to enable end users to connect to power at the exact point of use. This session will explore those different applications and what versatile mounting methods and hardware are available to optimize the space in your facility.

Session 3: Safety and Grounding Options

In any power distribution system, proper grounding is essential to protecting both your loads and your employees. Join this important webinar where our engineers will discuss in detail all the different options that Starline Track Busway offers on how to properly align grounding between end feeds and plug in units to meet your needs.

Session 2: Polarization in Layout Design

Starline’s open channel design enables quick and efficient modifications and expansions. When designing your electrical system layout, it is critically important to consider where the polarized side of the busway faces to support these future changes.

Our engineers will walk you through this process, highlighting best practices, during this session.

Session 1: Specifying Starline Track Busway

Starline Track Busway offers virtually limitless configuration of power distribution in facilities across all industries. Join Starline engineers as we review the best practices for specifying Starline in your electrical designs.

During this discussion, we highlighted important considerations such as:

  • Ampacity
  • Facility power requirements
  • How various plug-in designs can benefit your business