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Now there’s a better alternative to alternating current.

The digital age has been with us for quite some time. But the technology needed to reliably and efficiently supply the direct current power that IT equipment needs has not been available. Until now. Starline DC Solutions enables data centers and other DC centric applications to adapt to current and future power generation systems (solar, wind, fuel cells, etc.) in the form of reliable 380V Direct Current. The managers, users, designers and those financially responsible for data centers are now focusing on reliability in power consumption support systems that are adaptable to new and evolving power generation techniques without affecting data center operations.

Now considered to be large power consumers, data centers require power support systems with flexible modularity, higher efficiency, more cost effective reliability, and a smaller footprint while enjoying the security of global safety listings. Starline DC Solutions has developed the unique power support system technology that makes 380V DC power a reality now.