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Starline Holdings LLC

Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment (WEEE)


The WEEE directive aims to reduce the quantity of wastes coming from the end-of-life of electrical and electronic equipment, reducing at the same time the presence in the environment of the dangerous substances prohibited by the RoHS directive.

The WEEE directive demands that, at the end-of-life, electrical and electronic equipment must be managed by a specific system that includes their separate collection from other household and professional wastes and specific treatments that allow the reuse, the recycling and other kinds of valorization for finished goods, components and materials.

Under this point of view, the WEEE directive, transposed in the juridical system of each country that belongs to the European Union, encourages the companies to promote the introduction in the design phase of techniques that simplify the dismantling and the recycling of the equipment.

According to the prescriptions of the WEEE directive, the producer of the equipment must provide for the financing of the collection and the treatment of the electrical and electronic equipment at their end-of-life. To fulfill the requirements and prescriptions of the directive, in all European countries, Starline has joined collective bodies in charge of managing electrical and electronic equipment waste.


All products distributed by Starline that are subjected to the WEEE Directive from August, 15th 2018 will be compliant with the WEEE marking requirements. The products will be marked with the “crossed out wheelie bin” WEEE symbol, in accordance with European Standard EN 50419.


To promote, encourage and hold responsible our customers about their role in the achievement of the important objectives promoted by the WEEE directive, Starline has prepared this specific document.